Glass made for the sun

High quality, in-house, industrial

solar glass production.

High quality, in-house, industrial solar glass production.

One-of-a-kind anti-reflective coatingRobust and long-lasting

Our AR coating technology is unique worldwide. We have one of the best performing and world’s largest continuous vacuum coating systems for producing high-end functional films on glass. Thin films (in the nanometer range) are produced under the purest of vacuum conditions. f | solar’s ultra-durable, anti-reflective coating increases energy transmission and ensures a consistently high system performance even under the most extreme environmental conditions. Our AR coating is not only robust and durable, it’s also easy to process.

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Up to 750 tons of solar float glass processed daily!

Fully integrated, highly automated and extremely efficient float glass production

f | solar focuses on the distribution of ultra-low-iron solar float glass with an effective, highly robust and durable anti-reflective coating. f | glass produces up to 750 tons of float glass a day in one of Germany’s most modern and fully integrated float glass factories and ensures a consistently high material and system availability.
Our customers get everything from one source: float glass production, glass coating and glass processing including grinding, drilling and thermal tempering. Everything is highly automated, precise and efficient.

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2 mm semi-tempered glass with general technical approval

Float glass process that ensures a consistent high quality

As the world’s first solar glass manufacturer, f | solar offers 2 mm thin semi-tempered glass (TVG) with general technical approval (abZ). Our 2 mm solar glass is exclusively produced in a float glass process. This industrial process adheres to very strict production tolerances and guarantees a very low defect density.
For 2 mm think glass is high quality production of critical importance. Experience, know-how and a high degree of automation in glass processing guarantees top quality and efficient production of glass-glass PV modules.

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We are experts in the production of thermally tempered front and rear panels for the latest generation of glass-glass photovoltaic modules. Our glass can be 2 mm to 4 mm thick, depending on the surface area and application. Glass-glass PV modules have a particularly high yield stability and are extremely robust. These characteristics are enhanced by our ultra-durable antireflective coating and gives the modules a big advantage over traditional PV modules. Glass-glass PV modules made with solar float glass are crystal clear and have particularly high esthetic quality.

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Concentrator photovoltaics

We harness the sun with our thermally tempered, super-flat solar float glass! The ultra-durable AR coating is optimized for use with triple and quadruple solar collectors and delivers more than 3% more yield per solar tracker.

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Solar Thermal Energy

Our ultra-low-iron solar float glass has a double-sided anti-reflective coating and is particularly well-suited for high-performance large-surface collectors for district heating systems, industrial process heating, apartment blocks and solar cooling. Whether single- or double-glazed, our AR coating is not only efficient and durable, it’s also easy to process.

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Solar-thermal power plants

In close collaboration with our shareholder AGC Glass Europe, we offer a full range of high performance products, from ultra-low-iron solar float glass to high-performance solar mirrors. We guarantee consistently high material and system availability, whether it be for smaller projects or large projects with up to several million square meters.

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Greenhouse construction

Plant growth is mainly dependent on the transmission ability of the utilized glass. Thanks to our extraordinarily low iron content and our ultra-durable, double-sided, anti-reflective coating, our solar float glass is particularly permeable for photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and therefore highly efficient. The homogenous surface of our solar float glass guarantees consistently high hemispheric transmission in any season.

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Innovative strength, ingenuity
and worldwide distribution

Expertise and know-how thanks to strong partners

As a distributing company, f | solar is responsible for in-depth client consultation and successfully integrates the joint expertise of our partner production company, f | glass, and the research and development work of its shareholders, AGC Glass Europe SA and Interpane Glas Industrie AG.


Ultra-Durable AR:

Experts at the Fraunhofer CSP have compared the cleaning resistance of antireflex coatings - with interesting results. |

Download Test Report (PDF) Fraunhofer CSP Report Cover