All you need is light!

The efficiency of greenhouses increases in proportion to the irradiated energy. An increase to the glass transmission by 1% would mean approximately 1% more harvest

Thanks to unusually low iron content, our glass is particularly permeable for photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and therefore highly efficient. And this is why we simply call our best glass f | PAR960 HT. It is ultra-low-iron solar float glass with a double-sided, ultra-durable, anti-reflective coating. In addition to the best possible PAR transmission, this glass type ensures a very high permeability of UV radiation. This leads improved plant growth, a better taste and more intensive colors. 


Consistently high hemispheric transmission in any season 

Double-sided AR coating increases the solar glass transmission by about 5% if the angle of light incidence is completely vertical to the glass. And that’s definitely worth it!

An additional interesting effect is the reflective behavior of the glass depending on the angle of light incidence. The reflection loss at the air-to-glass boundary increases significantly at a low light incidence. Our AR coating effectively ameliorates this negative effect.

And since the sun rarely shines directly vertically from the sky, we further improved the so-called hemispheric transmission of our AR-coated glass. We call it the “HThem”, and it works. This was confirmed by the University of Wageningen.

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The most stable and durable AR coating on the market today

We have one of the best performing and world’s largest continuous vacuum coating systems for producing high-end functional films on glass. The SiOx-based AR coating occurs on so-called ribbons with a size of up to 21 m². This is carried out quickly, efficiently and at a consistently high quality. The ribbons aren’t cut into the desired sizes until after being coated, ensuring maximum flexibility of the desired end formats. 

With regard to the durability, our customers have confirmed: “The most stable and durable AR coating on the market today.” Thanks to our special coating, we deliver our glass all the way to the Sultanate of Oman. In the Oman desert, our glass is utilized in special “greenhouses” (for enhanced oil recovery). And that despite – or rather because of – the extreme environment! 

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Consistently high material and system availability 

AGC f | glass GmbH produces up to 750 tons float glass a day in one of the most modern and fully integrated flat glass factories in Germany. As float glass manufacturers, we are a single-source producer: glass production, coating and glass processing are carried out in-house at our production facility.

The 4 mm solar glass is packaged in end caps and delivered directly to your construction site. We guarantee consistently high material and system availability and are always flexible in accommodating delivery time requirements, regardless of project size, from smaller projects to those larger than 100,000 m².

Glass from Europe for Europe means: Consistently high material and system availability, flexibility, short delivery distances, delivery reliability and, of course, a reliable product quality!

Our glass processing system is optimized for the high quality serial production of thermally tempered glass. Time to grow!


We supply the right glass for your needs

We offer a wide range of thermally tempered glass for modern greenhouse construction. 

f | PAR900 T - Our basic product with optimized transmission. Tnormal ≥ 90% 

f | PAR910 T - Our ultra-low-iron glass with very high transmission and a high light permeability in the UV range. Ideal for “red” vegetables. Tnormal ≥ 91% 

f | PAR950 HT – Our basic product with a double-sided, anti-reflective coating. Tnormal 95.5% ± 1.0. 

f | PAR960 HT - Our top product, with double-sided, anti-reflective coating ensures a consistently high hemispheric transmission of 90%. Tnormal 96.5% ± 1.0. 

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More types are also available. Customized to your needs! 

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