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F | solar focuses on the industrial production and distribution of ultra-low-iron solar float glass with a highly robust and durable anti-reflective coating

We specialize in 2 mm to 4 mm front and rear panels for the latest generation of glass-glass photovoltaic modules.

Glass-glass photovoltaic modules have a particularly high yield stability and are extremely durable. The advantage this gives them over traditional PV modules is further enhanced by our ultra-durable anti-reflective coating. The single-side coated 2 mm glass ensures high yields with an energy transmission (Te,PV) of 94% and guarantees consistently high system performance. 

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High degree of automation

A consistently high processing quality is of critical importance particularly for our 2 mm glass. Experience, know-how and a high degree of automation in glass processing ensures top quality and an efficient production of glass-glass PV modules. 

Our customers get everything from one source: float glass production, glass coating and end-to-end glass processing including grinding, drilling and thermal tempering. Everything is highly automated, precise and efficient. 


Float glass processes for consistent high quality

Our solar glass is solely produced in a float glass process This industrial process adheres to very strict production tolerances and guarantees the lowest possible defect density. This is a critical technical advantage for downstream processes such as thermal tempering. 


Super thin and super strong

The semi-tempered 2 mm solar float glass has a typical bending tensile strength of 120 N/mm², which even exceeds the standard requirements for 4 mm safety glass. This is made possible thanks to a cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind continuous flat tempering furnace platform which achieves best results in terms of flatness and bending tensile strength, a precondition for the efficient and bubble-free lamination of glass-glass PV modules. 

This makes f | solar the world’s first solar glass manufacturer to offers semi-tempered glass (TVG) of only 2 mm thickness with a general technical approval (abZ). The certification was granted by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in Berlin. 




Arsenic- and antimony-free solar float glass

Our solar float glass produced without the addition of arsenic and antimony. We consciously decided against using heavy metals in our products!

Our solar float glass with anti-reflective coating consists primarily of natural raw materials and does not release any harmful substances during disposal.


We offer customized glass solutions to our customers

As a float glass manufacturer, we offer an unusually broad range of various glass thickness options. Alongside the standard dimensions of 2 mm to 4 mm, we also offer 5 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm. Our options starting at 5 mm thicknes are especially suitable for building-integrated photovoltaic applications (BIPV). 

Glass-glass photovoltaic modules, based on AR-coated solar float glass, are transparent, have excellent aesthetics and can also be integrated in highly sophisticated facades or roofing systems. Thermally tempered glass is available up to a size of 2,600 mm x 1,500 mm. The smallest size that can be produced is 500 mm x 490 mm. Glass that is not thermally tempered is available up to a size of 2,600 mm x 2,200 mm.


f | ecofloat T – Thermally tempered float glass as rear panel for high-quality, glass-glass PV modules. Also available with predrilled holes for electrical connections.

f | solarfloat T - Thermally tempered low-iron float glass as cover panels for wafer-based or thin-film PV modules.

f | solarfloat HT – Our top product. Thermally tempered, highly transmissive solar float glass, coated on one side or both sides with our ultra-durable anti-reflective coating. Multivariable in function and suitable even for extreme environmental conditions such as salt, sand and heat. Thanks to the outstanding durability of the coating, we deliver glass even to the desert of the Sultanate of Oman. 

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