Double-sided AR coated solar glass

The perfect solution for yield-stable large collectors with single or double glazing

Our ultra-low-iron solar glass has double-sided anti-reflective coating and is particularly well-suited for large high-performance collectors for district heating systems, industrial process heat, apartment blocks and solar cooling. Whether single- or double-glazed, our AR coating is not only efficient and durable, it’s also easy to process. 

Interesting to operators of a solar thermal systems: The reflection loss at the air-to-glass boundary increases significantly at low light. Our AR coating effectively ameliorates this negative effect. And since the sun rarely sits directly vertically in the sky, we further improved the hemispheric transmission of our AR-coated glass.

Solar glass with AR coating on both sides ensures an optimal low light performance of the solar collectors and is able to significantly increase efficiency compared to collectors without AR coating.

Solar thermal systems are becoming increasingly more efficient and already contribute to the CO2 savings from lignite-powered heating power plants. f | solar’s ultra-durable anti-reflective coating ensures a consistently high system performance even under the most extreme environmental conditions and thus provides maximum economic efficiency and investment reliability. 

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Highly automated, precise and efficient

Our customers get everything from one source: float glass production, glass coating and end-to-end glass processing including grinding and thermal tempering. Everything is highly automated, precise and efficient.

Our solar glass is exclusively produced in a float glass process. This industrial process ensures compliance with very strict production tolerances and also the lowest possible defect density. This is a critical technical advantage for downstream processes such as thermal tempering. 


No compromises regarding stability

The thermal tempering of our glass is carried out by a cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind system that consistently achieves best values in terms of flatness and bending tensile strength. Extreme weather conditions such as snow and hail require a consistently high tempering quality of the glass particularly on large collectors. No compromises! 


High quality serial production of thermally tempered glass

Our float glass system is particularly flexible and able to produce ribbon widths between 2,700 mm and 3,300 mm. These optimized ribbon sizes can be coated on both sides with anti-reflective coating and with the highest precision on an industrial scale in our vacuum coating plant.

Thermally tempered glass 2 mm to 5 mm is available up to a size of 2,600 mm x 1,500 mm. Particularly the 5 mm glass is well suited for innovative high-vacuum collectors.

Our glass processing system is optimized for high quality serial production of thermally tempered glass.


f | solarfloat T - Thermally tempered low-iron solar float glass as safety covers for solar thermal energy collectors. 

f | solarfloat HT – Our top product. Thermally tempered, highly transmissive solar float glass, coated on one side or both sides with our ultra-durable anti-reflective coating. Multivariable in function and suitable even for extreme environmental conditions such as salt, sand and heat. 

Solar thermal systems are well suited for solar cooling and increasingly replace energy-devouring electrically powered systems even in desert regions. Thanks to the outstanding durability of the coating, we deliver glass even to the desert of the Sultanate of Oman. 

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