Maximum energy efficiency

Solar mirrors reflect a maximum of the irradiating energy. A decisive factor is hereby the lowest possible absorption of valuable energy by the glass itself

Together with our shareholder and affiliate, AGC Glass Europe, we offer several special and ultra-low-iron glass substrates for the production of solar mirrors. The Sunmax Premium globally occupies a leading position with an energy transmission of up to 91.7% (ISO 9050 AM 1.5, thickness 1 mm). 

The float glass process ensures the finest quality and consistently high material and system availability

Our solar glass is exclusively produced in a float glass process. This industrial process ensures compliance with very strict production tolerances and also guarantees a very low defect density. An indispensable precondition for the optimal performance of solar mirrors.

Whether f | solarfloat or AGC Glass Europe’s Sunmax Premium, our customers get everything from one source: industrial float glass production and end-to-end solar float glass processing including trimming and grinding. Everything is highly automated, precise and efficient.

As a manufacturer of float glass and in close cooperation with AGC Glass Europe in this market, we provide a particularly wide product range from 1 mm to 4 mm glass thickness. The substrates are available up to a size of 2,600 mm x 2,200 mm. We guarantee consistently high material and system availability, whether it be for smaller projects or large projects with up to several million square meters. We are always flexible in accommodating delivery time requests.

Our best glass for highly
reflective solar mirrors

AGC Glass Europe develops solar mirrors based on f | solarfloat and Sunmax substrates. These mirrors are highly reflective and ensure a maximum life span. As a result, our glass can be found in millions of solar mirrors worldwide.

The solar mirrors are produced in Zeebrugge in Belgium. In Zeebrugge, high-tech expertise meets with 100 years of experience in mirror-making. But even after a 100 years, development keeps progressing. The technical know-how of the AGC R&D team is at our disposal, as we not only concentrate on product performance, but also on environmentally friendly production. In this regard we are second to none. 


We have the right glass to achieve maximum energy yield

f | solarfloat – Low-iron solar float glass as substrate for highly efficient solar mirrors. Available from 2 mm glass thickness. 

SunmaxTM – Low-iron solar float glass as substrate for highly efficient solar mirrors. Available from 1 mm glass thickness. 

SunmaxTM Premium – Very low-iron solar float glass as substrate to obtain maximum energy yield. Available from 1 mm glass thickness. 


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