Green products – green plant

Our products help to considerably reduce CO2 emissions!

Our ultra-low-iron solar float glass is used in highly efficient solar modules. Renewable energy without any CO2 emissions. We are dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Our production processes have a low impact on the environment. On a Group level, we are dedicated to continuously improving our production processes and to reducing the impact on the environment.

Our main focus is on quality, occupational safety and sustainability. Check out our certifications! 

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System
ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management System
OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health/Safety Management System


Industrial production and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary!

AGC f | glass has implemented a number of measures and is thus exemplary in the bundling of environmental protection measures to reduce its total impact on the environment. 

Arsenic- and antimony-free solar float glass
Our solar float glass is produced without the addition of arsenic and antimony. We consciously decided against using heavy metals in our products! The solar float glass with anti-reflective coating primarily consists of natural raw materials and does not release any harmful substances during disposal. 

Energy-efficient production
The innovative design of the modern melting furnace substantially reduces the energy use per ton of glass. AGC f | glass sets new global standards in this respect.

Exhaust gas filtering at the highest level
Our highly efficient exhaust gas cleaning strongly minimizes dust emission. The filtered dust which is generated during the exhaust gas cleaning is 100% recycled and reintroduced back into the glass melting process as an important raw material. At AGC f | glass, the exhaust air is cleaner than the ambient air. This has been verified!

The gigantic roof surface of our production building has a 3 MW photovoltaic system, naturally using our ultra-low-iron solar float glass. 

Energy management system (EMS)
The intelligent use of energy is key. A comprehensive energy management system supports the several hundred components throughout the entire production process and helps to harmonize the components within the system. Whether energy, gas, compressed air or valuable water, AGC f | glass comprehensively monitors their consumption helping to save valuable energy. Of particular value is a closed cooling water system which effectively reduces the need for the supply of fresh water for the cooling of various aggregates. 

A co-generation plant generates valuable energy from the hot exhaust gas of the melting furnace. This system generates energy and steam, which are both re-used in the plant. The system produced more than 10,000 MWh of valuable energy in 2016. 


Going green with the neighbors

A syndicate of 4 independent specialized companies working in the sectors of greenhouse cultivation, vegetable distribution and energy management are building two large greenhouses for tomato and bell pepper cultivation near the AGC f | glass GmbH headquarters.

The previous energy losses from process heat at AGC f | glass will be converted into cost-efficient local heating using innovative processes and utilized for the entire greenhouse facility.

The saved energy costs ensure efficient vegetable cultivation and a noticeable reduction of the CO2 footprint. 


We deliver clean energy -
and clean glass