Ultra-durable antireflective coating

Consistently high system performance even in extreme environmental conditions

Grafik Uncoated Coated

In today’s world, AR coating is a must have. The efficiency of solar systems or greenhouses increases in proportion to the irradiated energy and thus with the increased transmission of the glass. Double-sided AR coating increases the solar glass transmission by about 5% if the incidence angle of light is completely vertical to the glass, or by about 2.5% per surface.
This is important for the end user: Double-sided AR-coated solar glass ensures optimal low light performance of the solar collectors and is able to significantly increase the energy yield compared to collectors without AR coating. The reflection loss at the air-to-glass boundary increases significantly at a low light incidence. Our AR coating effectively ameliorates this negative effect. The AR-coated glass still transmits about 85% even with an incidence angle of 70°. Non-coated glass transmits barely 70%. This effect is most positively noticeable in the mornings and evening as well as in the spring and fall. 

The f | solar ultra-durable, anti-reflective coating is extremely robust and withstands all types of weather and thus ensures high yield stability and investment security. 


Diffusion-tight barrier layer


f | solarfloat HT – Purest quartz glass on solar glass

We produce the industrial “HT” AR coating under the purest vacuum conditions and on ribbons with a size of up to 21 m². This one-of-a-kind process ensures extremely high homogeneity and reproducibility of the coating across the entire surface. The coating is available in a single-sided or double-sided version. 

During the subsequent thermal tempering of the ground glass, the AR coating is “annealed” at a temperature of about 650 °C and permanently chemically combined with the glass substrate in this process. On the outer surface, a nano-porous structure forms which is invisible to the human eye and which is responsible for the highly efficient anti-reflective coating. 

The extra effect: A diffusion-tight SiOx barrier layer remains in place between the glass substrate and the nano-porous structure. Purest quartz glass on solar glass! This barrier layer cannot be removed or penetrated and ensures the unique and long-lasting durability of our AR coating. The extraordinary durability is confirmed by our customers and by independent research bodies. The coating also fulfills the requirements of the DIN EN 1096 and IEC 61215 standards. 


Easy to process and extremely robust

Our AR coating is robust and can be easily processed. The coated glass is robust and can therefore also be used in desert-like regions. For this reason, we now deliver our glass all the way to the desert of the Sultanate of Oman.

TÜV Rhineland confirms the outstanding durability of our AR coating: The AR coating remained effective even after we simulated extreme desert conditions. For this reason, we have added the quality attribute “desert-ready” to our top product f | solarfloat HT.

Download: Test Report V403 2018 Cleaning Resistance Of Glass Coatings


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